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In the real world, rasenggaN is usually called psi ball, psi ball is a collection of energy that is collected into a ball, then what is its function? Many functions such as changing weather, healing, moving other objects and other things depending on the basic development of psi ball is made in the following way

1.Position your hands in front of your chest (like a hermit) but give a distance of 10 cm

2. focus the energy between your palms

3. focus later, at least 3 minutes already feels like the adabola if you really focus

4. The ball will feel like a rubber ball / water ball

5. then what do you want to develop for .....

6. suggest silver wind (energy) from nature gathered to the hand / energy ball in the hand. imagine the wind in the meadows.

7. tighten (just press until it can't be pressed again)

8. throw to the object ,,, to learn to use the fire (candle) tar plasticity moving / not.

I used to make fun in my room when I was going to sleep and then I threw it over the bed (b. what's the item?) The window shut cloth is lo ... and it really moves ... but I was afraid to keep sleeping again

"All the experiences that I shared in this blog are real stories of my experiences when I was in junior high school, now I have worked, I have no more toys, my curiosity has been answered by all, sorry if something is wrong I taught myself to learn from blogging to blogs but hopefully my experience can be better. helpful...."

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