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When discussing the matter of Naruto it is very fun. Various types of clans with different jutsu or moves make this anime even better. But do you know? One of the jutsu in Naruto anime that really exists in the real world, and one of them is rasenggan / senseunggangan. In the real world, rasenggaN is usually called psi ball, psi ball is a collection of energy that is collected into a ball, psi ball can come from natural or natural energy.

basically all things have energy. the problem is. How to use? And what functions? Many functions such as changing the weather, healing, moving other objects and other development depends on the basic psi ball made in the following way

1.Position your hands in front of your chest (like a hermit) but give a distance of 10 cm

2. focus the energy between your palms

3. focus later, at least 3 minutes already feels like the adabola if you really focus

4. The ball will feel like a rubber ball / water ball

5. then what do you want to develop for .....

A. rain:

suggest natural energy blue / dark color of black clouds, imagine the cold and the wind when it wants to rain. then padetin (press both hands until it can be pressed again) then throw into the sky brightly slowly


suggest natural red energy of the sun, imagine the heat and wind when it's hot, imagine the sun then padetin (press both hands until it can't be pressed again) then throw it into the cloudy sky slowly.

I have tried it first when I was curious, I was so intense I was very diligent in learning psiball, when I was at school at 12-4 in the afternoon, 1 sktar at 1 summer, in the sky there wasn't a single cloud I tried the techniques above, eh 30 mins later the black clouds came, strong winds came, we came home happily, incident 2, at that time I came back to the weather school month after the rain I wanted to go home waiting for the light signal, then I tried the technique above, thank God it was bright, but let's just say I did an experiment 10 times 7 times success 3 times fail. I don't know whether or not, but this is a very cool experience for me

"All the experiences that I shared in this blog are real stories of my experiences when I was in junior high school, now I have worked, I have no more toys, my curiosity has been answered by all, sorry if something is wrong I taught myself to learn blogging to blog but hopefully penned from the experience I can be useful .... "

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